Logistics integration delivers big benefits to fresh produce buyers

Integrated logistics services, like those provided by Canam Fresh Logistics, deliver food retailers and manufacturers who buy produce from farmers big benefits. This post offers seven reasons why Canam Fresh clients consistently hire us to deliver the fresh produce items we farm.

Integrated logistics. While Canam Fresh may be getting well known for its produce items, behind the scenes, our thriving integrated logistics business, Canam Fresh Logistics, has grown along with our farm footprint, making it an exciting part of our story. For us, integrated logistics means combining transportation, logistics, and warehousing seamlessly. It means delivering fresh produce to our clients anywhere using advanced technology and meticulous planning to leverage air, water, rail, plus our fleet of large transports efficiently.

1. Preserving freshness

The benefits of integrated logistics start with freshness. As a farmer of 30+ produce items, Canam Fresh employees go out of their way to preserve the integrity of every piece of produce we farm. From the moment we harvest, our team gets produce items cut, cleaned, sorted, scaled and packaged safely, quickly, and expertly in our third party-audited and certified, climate-controlled facilities.

Because we integrate logistics at our farms, our employees can load their trucks on-site and keep our produce items at consistently the right temperature. Supported by our expert logistical team and modern warehouse infrastructure across North America, our fleet then zips out to wherever our food retailing or manufacturing clients require using the most efficient means.

Photograph of a Canam Fresh farm docking bay.

2. Greater oversight

That brings us to oversight, the second benefit of integrating logistics at the farm level. Having Canam Fresh Logistics on-site proves tremendous advantageous for all by having eyes and ears on all shipments. We supply staff and operation support to make sure all loads get quality checked, pre-staged, and loaded properly to ensure it arrives fresh and on-time.

3. Time and money savings

Speaking of time, we are in an industry where time is very sensitive and every minute matters. We build strong relationships with our clients, carriers, and partners to help streamline our logistics solution for everyone. Integration delivers efficiencies that allow us to provide competitive pricing and ensure shipments get taken care of, from start to end.

Canam Fresh’s integrated logistical capabilities also include railcar and ocean freight directly from various points in our growing regions, such as the Yucatan. We ship from Mexico by ocean and have transport trucks available at all our ports of entry. This access results in more flexibility and value resourcing, allowing our experts to find the best freight rates and cost optimization strategies.

4. Flexibility

Flexibility is another benefit of integrated logistics. In fact, Canam Fresh Logistics provides trucking services for all types of harvests and products, including fresh produce, frozen foods, and raw vegetable products. With warehousing and cross dock in three major importing and exporting regions plus receiving, shipping, and quality control services, we provide a truly turnkey logistical solution across North America. To further convenience our clients, Canam Fresh will even deliver produce items from third-parties!

5. Dedicated support

Integrated logistical capabilities have been at the heart of our company from day one. Canam Fresh Logistics operates as in-house 3PL broker that works very closely with its carriers year-round. As we nurture and develop long lasting relationships with our partner carriers, we have continued to expand beyond our 250+ asset-based carriers that strictly comply with all regulations to safely haul produce across North America.

Integrated logistics facility photograph showing four tractor trailers docked.

Additionally, we provide on-site logistics staffing at all our locations from which your product ships and provide after-hours team support, including real-time tracking and tracing. In fact, Canam Fresh Logistics guarantees real time updates for all our clients and carriers. And our systematic customer service team handles all challenges that might arise.

6. Best practices

Integrated logistics represents a fast-moving industry. As produce specialists, we jump on innovations and best practices that benefit our clients. Our clients and passionate employees—from drivers, shippers, farmers, harvesters, agronomists, food manufacturers and processors, to our food safety professionals—all contribute their feedback and ideas to help us improve.

This wholesale commitment to improvement translates into:

  • The best fleets and carriers available
  • Safe, state-of-the-art facilities
  • Logistics and freight management expertise
  • The strongest partnerships and management

Canam Fresh is always look for new ways to optimize logistics, warehousing, and transportation. Our employees develop and share best practices. The company makes major ongoing investments in technology, including software and hardware. We create innovative freight solutions. And we consult with local, regional, and national governments to help improve all aspects of transportation, logistics, and warehousing.

7. Wholesomeness

For us, all these best practices and commitments to innovation ladder up to our pledge to clients and our values. We strive to provide our clients, processing partners, distributors, and retailers with a wholesome seed to fork experience. We make this experience exceptional through the quality of our fresh produce and nutritious food products, the integrity of our people, and the reliability of our delivery.

About Canam Fresh Logistics

Canam Fresh offers end-to-end solutions from the field to food manufacturers and retail grocers. With facilities in key shipping hubs across North America, we deliver wholesome goodness year-round. From our warehouses and cross-docking locations in Aylmer and Port Burwell, to our warehouses and cross-docking locations in Nogales, AZ, McAllen, TX, and Eagle Pass, TX, we have over 300,000 sq. ft. that covers you in all North American major ports of entry and exit.

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