An incredible non-edible!

Gourds from Canam Fresh

For shoppers who want vegetables inside and outside of their fridge, decorative gourds are the answer! These largely gold- and green-hued items come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are the perfect addition to any fall-themed décor.

Packaging Solutions

24-inch bins
Bagged in either 7 or 8 CT
Variety mixes

Custom packaging available


Grown on ground, drip irrigated,
shade houses depending on region


July to September

December to July

Delivery available

What sets Canam Fresh gourds apart?

Take a closer look at how Canam Fresh farms gourds!

Gourds in a mix variety bin option as packaging for retail market at harvest.

Gourds in bin for retail and harvest sold at multi chain and big box stores.

Gourds in macro bin picked off the fields in Ontario.

Let’s talk gourds

    Shopping for Gourds

    Gourds typically have rigid exteriors and less “fleshy” insides than a squash. While squash is cultivated for consumption, most gourds are grown for decoration.

    Shopping for ornamental gourds is all about expressing your unique style and the occasion, such as fall or Thanksgiving.