Fresh Cut saves you time and money!

Wholesome goodness, custom prepared how you need it

Fresh Cut from Canam Fresh solves your needs with wholesome goodness

  • Variety—30 crops, traditional or organic, to choose from
  • Convenience—Cut and packaged to your specifications
  • Efficiency—Delivered to your door on-time and on-budget
  • Safety—Industry-leading food safety and processing procedures

It’s your choice with Fresh Cut

Why choose Fresh Cut with Canam Fresh? Because we farm a wide variety of wholesome fruits and vegetables favored by food manufacturers and retailers. Our expansion into the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and our farms in Arizona allow us to supply many crops year-round.

Conventional or organic, Canam Fresh farms and prepares the products you need. Meet the growing demand for fresh produce thanks to a renewed emphasis on healthy eating and the rising popularity of plant-based diets.

Explore your options! Our full range of peppers will spice up recipes in kitchens large and small. Our hard and squash options make it easy to up the nutrition content, decrease carbs, and increase convenience.

Custom-made for your convenience

Fresh Cut delivers convenience through simplicity. You tell us what produce item you need, how you need it prepared, how you need it packaged, and Canam Fresh delivers it right to your door.

Our product experts work with your buyers to determine specifications, labelling requirements, and delivery dates. With Fresh Cut produce items, you can rely on us to deliver the same wholesome goodness to all your locations.

Fresh Cuts boosts efficiency

Eliminate steps in your production processes. With Canam Fresh, you can redirect the staff you use to process and prepare fresh produce for manufacturing or retail use onto other tasks.

Fresh Cut products show up the same way, every time, in every location. This uniformity saves you time and money. You can also say goodbye to food waste and hello to helping the environment, thanks to Canam Fresh’s sustainability farming approach.

With Fresh Cut from Canam Fresh, you get what you pay for with with no inconsistencies in yields and with minimal to no waste or spoilage.

Safety always comes first with Fresh Cut

Our state-of-the-art food processing and packaging facilities follow stringent food safety standards based on Good Agricultural Practice (GAP).

In Canada, we are certified by CanadaGAP and in the USA and Mexico by GlobalGAP and PrimusGFS. Read more about certification in this blog post.

We prepare all produce in a sanitary environment under the expert monitoring of our food safety team.

The Canam Fresh Integrated Logistics team ensures your products are stored and transported to your facilities under ideal conditions.

In short, Fresh Cut delivers peace of mind!

Meet imPASTA! Foods, a new take on pasta

Created by Canam Fresh in partnership with specialists, this popular Upcycle Certified consumer product represents just how far a partnership with our company can take you! Discover more about IMPASTA! Foods.

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