Canam Fresh social responsibility statement

Read Canam Fresh's social responsibility statement from our CEO & President, Jammie Underhill, to better understand the commitments our company makes to making the world a better place for everyone.

Social responsibility is subject we take seriously at Canam Fresh. Like sustainable farming, we view our social responsibility practices and policies as an expression of our values.

Social responsibility statement

Canam Fresh d.b.a of Can-Am Pepper Company USA LP and Can-Am Pepper Company Limited and its subsidiaries commit to the highest standards of ethical and legal business conduct.  We hold our company, contractors, suppliers, and vendors accountable to:

  • Respecting civil and human rights
  • Providing our workers with fair wages and a healthy, safe work environment
  • Protecting our environment, farms, and the ways we farm
  • Making a positive impact on our communities in Canada, the US, and Mexico

At Canam Fresh, we believe that people are our greatest asset. We have high expectations for our employees and operate in a culture of respect and trust.  We provide equal opportunities for all and opportunities for advancement from within. Visit our careers page to learn more about our work culture. >

A workplace free of discrimination

We abide by

  • all local, regional, and national laws related to discrimination in hiring and employment practices on the grounds of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, national origin, or any other protected class
  • all local, regional, and national laws regarding legal age of employment, or younger than 15 where no minimum employment age exists

Through education, communication, and training we promote and maintain a workplace free of discrimination, harassment, trafficking, slavery, and the employment of minors.

Setting the highest safety and quality standards

Our commitment to high quality grown fresh foods begins with our raw product farming and growing practices. Our Food Safety and Compliance Quality Assurance (FSCQA) team ensures traceability of our inputs and ingredients to us as a grower/our farms and ranches/lot name/location/and lot codes.

Prior to an onsite assessment by our FSCQA team, our farms and managers must submit a signed quality and product acknowledgment to ensure compliance with all state/provincial/Federal laws related to human welfare and environmental management, state/provincial/federal food safety laws, and Canam Fresh required food safety management and disclosures.

Our FSCQA conducts annual onsite farm/supplier assessments. These assessments create visibility into supplier compliance with all state/provincial/federal laws related to human welfare and environmental management, state/federal food safety laws, and adherence to Canam Fresh food safety practices and disclosures.

Canam Fresh trains FSCQA employees to evaluate at risk suppliers through a review of legal and food safety compliance. If a farm/supplier does not meet Canam Fresh Farm/Supplier Acknowledgement requirements, a correction action plan is put in place.

Canam Fresh has a Zero Tolerance policy for human trafficking and slavery, and high-risk food safety violations.

– President/CEO, Canam Fresh, Jammie Underhill