Meet Canam Fresh, North America’s
fastest growing farming company

4,000 acres and a pepper crop in 2010, to 40,000 acres producing 30+ items on farms across Canada, the US, and Mexico!

A vertically integrated business, our clients’ diverse needs directly drive our evolution and growth. With farms added in 2021 and 2022, Canam Fresh constantly seeks new opportunities to expand our

  • Business culture of “seed to fork” farming experts
  • Farming presence in Canada, the US, and Mexico
  • Global network of farming partners and suppliers
  • Contract farming for food manufacturers and retailers
  • Integrated logistics facilities to deliver everywhere
  • Portfolio of high quality original consumer products
  • Sustainable farming practices, such as Upcycling
  • Cost-effective and eco-friendly packaging options
  • Plus, value-added services, like coring and packing!

A small start to great growth

With over 100 years of farming expertise, the owners of Canam Fresh know what other successful farmers know—that all good things start small. That’s why Canam Fresh selects and uses only the very best seed varieties at all our farms.

Once in the ground, we nurture the growth of our crops to maximize their health and yield. How? Through a proven combination of sustainable farming practices, such as soil building, drip irrigation, and natural pest management techniques.

Standardized practices enable Canam Fresh to deliver consistent varietals regardless of where a product is grown, thus providing manufacturers and retailers with the huge benefit of a reliable supply source.

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Expertise from seed to fork

Great raw materials will take you far. But to maximize farm yields, nothing can replace expertise and good management practices. That’s why we standardize our practices and keep agronomists and supervisors on site to handle any farming issue that arises.

Our agronomists’ advice is always grounded in our farming philosophy of wholesome goodness. Driven by our clients’ needs, we do ongoing research to develop new products, practices, and services, all in close collaboration with our diverse stakeholders.

Respecting the environment with sustainable farming

We were fortunate to inherit a farming legacy from our ancestors and want to return the favor to future generations. What could be a greater legacy than ensuring a healthy and safe planet for today’s children and all their descendants?

Canam Fresh commits to practicing sustainable farming. We constantly investigate ways to reduce energy and water usage, as well as increase yields. The percentage of recycled materials in our packaging continues to climb, while our facilities recycle more and more.


Wholesome freshness delivered wherever you need it

Over the past 10 years, Canam Fresh perfected its state-of-the-art packing and refrigeration processes.
Thanks to vertical integration with Canam Fresh Logistics, your produce is managed and monitored
24/7 in a climate-controlled environment while in transit to guarantee it arrives fresh!

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