Get some crunch with your munch!

Choose Canam Fresh cucumbers

What gives crunchy cucumbers their fresh taste? Cucumbers are 96 percent water. Whether raw or pickled, cucumbers fit beautifully with every meal. Canam Fresh has farmed this delectable crop from our early days and we grow it all year-round.

Packaging Solutions

Pickling cucumbers
Contracted food manufacturing:
60-inch bins or supersacks
Packing: Fresh Market options

Fresh Market
4x3L and 6x3L Baskets
8x2LB and 10x2LB pouch bags,
Wooden crates
½/¼ bushel boxes

Slicing (field) cucumbers
24CT cartons
4 x 3 L baskets
Bushel box
½ bushel carton
72 CT
3L baskets
Packing: bagged, cartons, bulk


Conventional and organic

Grown on ground, drip irrigated,
shade houses depending on region

Mostly contracted a year before
season starts so book ahead


July to October

United States
July to September

January to December

What sets Canam Fresh Cucumbers apart?

Take a closer look at how Canam Fresh farms pickling cucumbers in Canada!

Hand harvesting pickling cucumbers on an Aylmer, Ontario Canam Fresh farm field.

Hand harvesting pickling cucumbers on another Canam Fresh farm field in Ontario.

Canam Fresh grading station in Aylmer, Ontario for pickling cucumbers

Canam Fresh farms, prepares, and packs pickling cucumbers for fresh market retailers.

Canam Fresh pickling cucumbers in a macro bin.

Pickling cucumbers in wooden crates for fresh market retail.

Pickling cucumbers size 4A for fresh market retail packed in carton boxes.

Pickling cucumbers for fresh market retail in plastic bags.

Take a closer look at how Canam Fresh farms pickling cucumbers in Piedras Negras, Mexico!

A 1B cucumber harvested off our fields on Piedras Negras.

A Canam Fresh client visits our Piedras Negras Farm and tries out the cucumbers on the field.

Pickling cucumber grading station at Canam Fresh's Piedras Negras farm.

Pickling cucumbers fresh off the fields in Piedras Negras Farms.

We create organic compost for soil regeneration and health with our own worm farm!

Take a closer look at how we farm pickling cucumbers in Yucatan, Mexico!

Canam Fresh farms pickling cucumbers in Yucatan.

Cucumber bath at a Canam Fresh Yucatan farm.

Grading stations at Canam Fresh Yucatan farms.

Macoy our Agronmist Leader and Director for all our Mexico Farms with Jammie our CEO and TJ our COO visiting the farm.

Pilot program early field shots with Jason our Field Director and TJ our USA COO.

Take a closer look at how we farm pickling cucumbers in the Sonora region of Mexico!

Canam Fresh uses a stick and string off ground growing process at our farms in Hermosillo, Mexico.

Canam Bins in our cold storage in Hermosillo, Mexico.

Cucumber wash before being hydro cooled and packed into a cold room before shipping

Field shot with our field manager and Oscar Yepiz in charge of all things Pickling Cucumbers down in Hermosillo.

Hydro cooler and systems shot at grading station on our farms in Hermosillo, Mexico

Pickling cucumber plants flowering nicely in Hermosillo, Mexico.

Super Saks and packed pickling cucumbers ready for to the cooler at our Hermosillo farm.

Take a closer look at how we farm pickling cucumbers in the Sinaloa region of Mexico!

Canam Fresh farms pickling cucumbers using a string and pole process in Culiacan.

Cucumber bath and conveyor system on a Canam Fresh farm in the Culiacan.

Grading station in Culiacan.

Landon Underhill, the next generation of cucumber farmer, checking out the farm in Culiacan.

Team inspecting machinery and equipment in Culiacan.

The perfect 2B pickle farmed in Culiacan by Canam Fresh.

TJ our COO inspecting the Canam Fresh Culiacan farms.

Pickling cucumber grading stations in Culiacan.

Take a closer look at how we farm slicing cucumbers in Canada!

Canam Fresh farms slicing cucumbers in Ontario.

Canam Fresh slicing cucumbers packed in cardboard boxes.

Canam Fresh slicing cucumbers packed in RPC returnable package containers.

Let’s talk cucumbers

    Shopping for Cucumbers

    Choose bold green, firm and medium-sized field or pickling cucumbers for optimal taste. Both types keep well in the fridge for three to five days; much longer can lead to ‘chilling’ injuries! Remember to peel waxed cucumbers and remove loose spines by scrubbing pickling cucumbers.

    Nutritional Info

    Did you know cucumbers are not vegetables but fruit? Whatever its family, cucumbers are a super food packed with nutrients, water, and soluble fiber. With low calories, cucumbers are a great weight loss choice, and are rich in Vitamins C and K, magnesium, potassium, and manganese. They also contain vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, and zinc.

    Taste Profile

    A high-water content creates the crunch, while the fresh, mild taste complements an unmistakable summertime fragrance—an irresistible combination that adds sunshine to any meal!