Turn to tasty tomatoes!

Tomatoes from Canam Fresh

Food lovers rely on tomatoes to create mouthwatering food. Tomatoes are always the answer, whether starring in a summer salad or paired with fresh herbs and parmesan to create a memorable pasta sauce. With varieties to suit every taste, tomatoes are a staple of kitchens the world over. Canam Fresh is proud to offer Field, Greenhouse, or Roma tomatoes most of the year.

Packaging Solutions

24CT Cartons
4 x 3 L baskets
Bushel box
½ bushel carton
3L baskets
Custom displays

Packing: bagged, cartons, bulk


Field or greenhouse
Roma tomatoes, sauce or table

Grown on ground, drip irrigated
shade houses depending on region

Individual quick freeze available


July to September

December to July

Delivery available

What sets Canam Fresh tomatoes apart?

Take a closer look at how Canam Fresh farms tomatoes

Hand harvesting roma tomatoes on our Aylmer, Ontario farms.

Roma tomatoes going through our washing and processing lines before being hand selected and packed.

Roma tomatoes in generic boxes being shipped to client with a 2 to 3 color so they can age a bit before they go on the shelves.

Custom-built metal shelves with bushels filled with roma tomatoes for a retail custom order.

Custom shelves and bushels created for retail client and fall tomato sales at their retail locations in the spirit-making sauce.

Roma tomatoes in generic boxes to be sent to clients.

Let’s talk tomatoes

    Shopping for Tomatoes

    Tomatoes peak in taste towards the end of the summer, so choose ones that are firm, have smooth skin, a pleasant aroma, and are heavy for their size. Avoid soft or bruised tomatoes. Keep tomatoes at room temperature for up to a week, and don’t store in direct sunlight or cold conditions. Unripe tomatoes will ripen after several days in a perforated paper bag at room temperature.

    Tomatoes Nutritional Info

    Tomatoes are rich in Vitamins B9 (folate), C, and K, and potassium. A good source of fiber and low-calorie, tomatoes also feature vitamins A, B6, B3, and E, and K, plus magnesium, manganese, and phosphorus.

    Tomatoes Taste Profile

    In general, tomatoes are sweet and mild to taste; they shine whether served raw or cooked. Different varieties vary in sugar and water content—which affect their taste—as does when the tomato was harvested. Bring out the best in tomatoes by cooking over low, slow heat, though not in an aluminum pot (which conveys a metallic taste to tomatoes).