Sustainable farming

The Canam Fresh commitment to ethical innovation

Planting the right seeds at the right time, in the right location, and tending to them with the right practices enables us to achieve higher crop yields using fewer resources.

We embrace sustainable farming every step of the way

Farming where crops naturally occur and shipping them creates fewer emissions than greenhouse farming.

Crop rotation reduces the amount of fertilizer we use while boosting crop yields.

We carefully cultivate and select our seeds, curating the best varieties for each farm.

Certification, including PrimusGFS, ensures our safety and quality compliance.

We use natural and effective pest management to reduce or avoid pesticides.

Innovative soil building practices,  like using compost tea and worm casings, boost yields.

Drip irrigation systems reduce the amount of water we use and preserve topsoil.

Land management reduces nutrient run-off and soil erosion and protect local species.

Upcycling produce otherwise lost to waste into premium products like imPASTA! Foods

Creating farming communities where employees thrive

At Canam Fresh, we know that investing in employees makes a powerful difference in their lives and that of their families and communities. That’s why, in areas like the Yucatan and Campeche, Canam Fresh invests in infrastructure, such as modern employee housing, as well as social programs, that help make our farms wholesome and inviting communities.

At Canam Fresh, we pride ourselves on creating fair trade farms where everyone can prosper and succeed!


All part of creating a better world for everyone

At Canam Fresh, we embrace sustainable farming because it’s consistent with our values.

Our company proudly:

Contributes to North America’s food security through practices that guarantee people’s access to food and improve their welfare

Identifies traditional and new technologies to maximize yields while reducing the waste, water, fertilizers, and pesticides used

Creates employment and prosperity for thousands of workers across North America and across the communities we serve

Canam Fresh means wholesome food, wholesome people, and wholesome practices! 

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Diversity in farms, regions, varieties, practices, and people

Canam Fresh acquires land to farm what our clients need and demand. We expanded our growing regions from southwestern Ontario to multiple locations in the southern US and Mexico to provide our customers with reliable, efficient, year-round production. We then invested in integrated logistics facilities to ensure we can deliver efficiently. The result? A diverse and resilient produce supply solution that delivers dramatically fewer carbon emissions than heated local greenhouse farming.

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Drip irrigation = gusher of water savings

They say you can’t improve on nature. In certain cases, we beg to disagree.

Consider the case of drip irrigation. Dramatically more efficient than traditional pivot irrigation, drip irrigation delivers water precisely to the root of each plant via tubing at ground level.

100 percent of Canam Fresh’s Mexican and 50 percent of our Canadian fields benefit from this technology, which reduces water consumption by up to 90 percent and doubles yields compared to overhead watering—all while reducing required acreage.

Drip irrigation largely eliminates the humidity created by overhead watering, thus reducing the number of bugs and volume of insecticides. Delivering water to each plant means fertilizer gets used more efficiently and delivers micronutrients more precisely.

Drought-prone land truly benefits from drip irrigation, as it allows delivers water to the plant at optimal times. Targeted watering generates huge water savings and healthier and higher-yielding plants.

Our ongoing investment in drip irrigation technologies in the field represents just one more practice that sets Canam Fresh apart!

Upcycling succeeds. imPASTA! Foods spaghetti squash noodles

With products like imPASTA! Foods, Canam Fresh supports new ways to reduce waste by upcycling it into finished products using the tools of food science.

Based on industry standards, between 20 percent and 40 percent of every crop goes to waste, underscoring the enormous environmental, moral, and financial benefits of innovation.

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Innovating for the future

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Thinking outside the box is in our DNA and we always experiment with how to honor our role as environmental stewards.

Let’s discuss how we can meet your sustainability, social responsibility, and other farming supply chain goals.

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