Packaging solutions from Canam Fresh

Our packaging expertise and flexible approach guarantee that your produce gets from the field to your manufacturing facility or store at the peak of freshness and according to your exact specifications!

Diverse packaging options
for every need and budget

As a strategic partner to food enterprises, we expanded our packaging capabilities with our crop offerings to ensure your produce always receives the highest standard of care. Canam Fresh offers customized packaging as well as diverse packaging solutions, such as:

  • Bags (pouch bags that provide up to 12 days longer shelf life)
  • Baskets (flexible size options for retailers)
  • Bins (ranging in sizes and option of custom packing with one to four varieties of produce items)

Cold-chain solutions

In addition to exploring product coatings, bioengineering, and other technologies to ensure freshness, expert cold-chain solutions keep the wholesome in our products as they make their way from field and facility to your front door.

Meticulous attention to detail helps us maintain the cold-chain at all times, which reduces waste caused by temperature fluctuations. Proper temperature control for each produce item, constant monitoring of equipment to catch any anomalies or malfunctions immediately, and the utilization of optimal packaging enables us to maintain the integrity of the cold-chain.

Food safety procedures build on the foundation created by the cold-chain. All Canam Fresh facilities are fully Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certified, including CanadaGAP, PrimusGFS, and GlobalGAP. Wherever your produce is grown and handled, you can have total confidence that it is safe at every step along the way.



Facilities you can count on to scale

Starting with our original plant in Aylmer, Ontario, Canam Fresh now runs six state-of-the-art processing facilities in Canada and the US to help achieve your objectives.

All facilities feature on site logistics personnel, shipping and receiving, warehousing, and cross-docking to major international importing/exporting regions.

We own a 50,000 square foot plant in Aylmer, a 120,000 square foot plant in Port Burwell, and a 62,000 square foot plant in Straffordville, Ontario.

In the US, we have a 85,000 square foot plant in Pharr, Texas, a 25,000 square foot plant in Nogalez, Arizona and a third plant in New Eloy, Arizona under construction.

Having plants close to the border with Mexico plays a crucial role in our daily logistics.

People and processes for the win!

Why has Canam Fresh grown so quickly while maintaining the highest possible standards? Because we knew that having the best people and the best practices were the only way to grow a safe, sustainable, and successful business.

Our commitment to wholesome goodness means offering our clients the very best produce possible. To ensure we meet our commitment, the managers in every one of our processing facilities has at least 20 years experience in the agricultural sector.

Our processes have evolved with your satisfaction and confidence in mind. We utilize quality control processes, including checks and balances, that leave nothing to chance. We employ real-time inventory management, so you always know what is currently in stock and where your produce is.

Let’s talk about your packaging requirements!

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