Integrated Logistics
from Canam Fresh

Delivering your fresh produce
in peak condition, on time

We are very proud of growing our integrated logistics business over the past 10 years. After the quality and price of our produce, nothing is more important than getting your orders delivered in peak condition on time.

Canam Fresh Integrated Logistics solves complicated issues using technology and planning. Our industry-leading team arranges for your orders to get from our fields and facilities to your front door efficiently, safely, and reliably—whether by truck, rail, or ship.

We can deliver your produce items, whether supplied by Canam Fresh or not. This flexibility provides you with a wider range of options for sourcing and ensures that your logistics get handled efficiently and effectively.

Canam Fresh Logistics delivers value!

  • Convenience from seed to fork
  • Coverage across North America
  • Accredited safe handling of fresh products

Your first stop for logistical solutions

Canam Fresh’s vision involves innovation across all aspects of food production. And Canam Fresh Integrated Logistics provides a unique opportunity to combine innovation, expertise in hauling produce, and a wide range of options to achieve your transportation goals.

Our Integrated Logistics team provides the services of a third-party logistics warehouse (3PL). They can assist any organization that needs produce delivered anywhere in the world—even if you don’t purchase produce items from Canam Fresh.

The team works closely with our carriers year-round to ensure your products get delivered on time and in perfect condition. On-site staff at all our processing facilities are available around the clock to manage any problems, answer your queries, and provide real-time tracking and tracing.

Coast-to-coast with Canam Fresh

Our trucks crisscross North America every day delivering wholesome goodness to our customers on schedule.  Our logistics experts work their magic with our rail, road, and shipping transportation partners to get your order where it needs to go.

Canam Fresh delivers peace of mind

The Canam Fresh Integrated Logistics team are masters of the cold chain. They know that an
unbroken cold chain is the only way to get your orders delivered with perfect safety and freshness.

With years of direct experience shipping Canam Fresh products, they know the specific environmental
parameters required for every product—and ensure those parameters are in place throughout the cold chain.

Masters of efficiency, our in-depth knowledge allows our experts to plan the most efficient route to get
from our facilities to yours, ensuring that you get the best value for your transportation costs.

Get on the move with Canam Fresh!
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