Differentiating products through farming innovation

As consumer expectations skyrocket, learn how the Canam Fresh Innovation team can work with you to innovate in store and on the shelf!

With new food products and services popping up every day, the war for the household grocery budget has never been fiercer. As grocery brands of increasing sophistication compete, how will your products stand out on the shelf? Differentiate your products with unique varieties formulas, ingredients, packaging, and delivery options. Collaborate with creative wizards at Canam Fresh Innovation!

Pandemic or not, the food marketplace has never been a more dynamic place. Certainly, at the consumer retail level, all bets are off. Every day, wildly imaginative new brands surface on the marketplace, seducing shoppers with clever new ways to enjoy food. The meteoric rise of home food kit services alone speaks to just how enthusiastically modern consumers embrace “the new.”

Competing products from all sides

Not long ago, retailers and national brands fought it out on your local, neighborhood grocery shelf. Today, a new generation of boutique, bricks and mortar grocery stores offer their private label products almost exclusively. They compete with mass merchants flexing their ecommerce muscle to snap up online grocery sales at a tremendous pace, who in turn compete with flourishing food service delivery apps.

With the landscape in such a state of flux, how can any food brand keep pace, let alone stand out? What channels should you bet on? And what do you need to succeed?

Product innovation is the answer

For retailers, food processors, and manufacturers alike, the best way to keep pace is to invest in innovation that improves your consumer experience. Like a North Star, the desire to improve and refresh your product and service experience can guide you through the chaos. When shoppers see new products and services on offer, their curiosity compels them to try them out. New and improved products and services create excitement and signal that your brand is successful and worthy of their loyalty.

How can you innovate? Of course, almost every organization needs to embrace digital and social channels. That’s a given these days. Clearly, an entirely new generation of consumers seems to have little interest in traditional shopping channels and instead turn to apps and similar platforms quickly and intuitively. It is vital that all food enterprises, including Canam Fresh, keep up with the times and meet the needs and wants of the upcoming digital generation.

Improving products

Beyond digitization, food enterprises can invest in traditional, proven areas of innovation, such as unique formulation, improved taste, new packaging, and new delivery channels. Every day, the Canam Fresh team collaborates with our customers to develop new products and systems to improve the experience. Our chefs and food specialists develop original recipes with our customers. Our logistics experts develop new ways to pack and ship food to maximize freshness. And our marketers and salespeople come up with new products and even product categories.

imPASTA! Foods by Canam Fresh

Take imPASTA! Foods, for example. Our innovative teams upcycle our fresh produce into near-zero waste by creating products like ImPASTA Foods Inc., a spaghetti squash alternative to traditional wheat pasta. This healthy and tasty alternative to traditional pasta represents an entirely new category of product and enables Canam Fresh to use “scarred” squash in a wonderful new product.

You can accelerate innovation with the assistance of Canam Fresh. Our innovation team will collaborate with yours to develop original intellectual property you can own that genuinely delights consumers. Let’s put our heads together to do right by the environment, our businesses, and the customer experience! We can develop new products together or help reboot an existing brand or try out clever new packing solutions. The possibilities are almost endless with the right farming partner in your corner.

Fortune favors the bold

Develop an innovation roadmap with the help of Canam Fresh. Collaborate with our specialists. Create and go to market with a bold new approach designed to create excitement and drive sales. Talk to a Canam Fresh Innovation team directly to start the conversation.

Let’s talk about what Canam Fresh can do for you!

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