Introducing an integrated
innovation in bulk-food processing

Reduce costs, waste, and inefficiencies in food manufacturing.

Canam Fresh can help food manufacturers achieve these goals —while maintaining quality and freshness. We strengthen your supply chain by integrating logistics for ready-to-pack and bulk products.

The global supply chain faces escalating disruptions from changing weather, unexpected events such as covid, and growing concerns about food quality and safety.

Ready-To-Pak Bulk from Canam Fresh is an integrated solution that solves for these disruptions:

  • Reusable, sustainable, safe and secure containers
  • No preservatives and zero effluent/waste stream
  • Regional and seamless cold chain supply
  • “Ready-to-Pack” formulations

Creating a
better container

Canam Fresh’s innovative bulk container prioritizes safety and security are cornerstones of the Ready-To-Pak Bulk program. Both air and watertight, our bulk container has a locking system to guarantee lid security.

Whether you choose a sanitary drain with thread or camlock fitting, a screen to ensure all contents are submerged under brine, our innovative container is designed with one-way valves that remove gas during fermentation and guarantees the safety of your products.

With an innovative reusable and stackable design, the containers are at the forefront of carbon emission reductions across the food industry.

The multi-tank containers stack three high which saves a significant amount of space. Compatible with existing warehouse equipment like forklifts, our design is easy to handle for efficient loading and transferring. Our containers also provide the highest return ratio of six full loadings to one empty return load.

Low Carbon Emission Innovation

Designed to last a minimum of seven years, the containers emit only 2 kg CO2 per 100 L capacity, compared to 11 kg CO 2 for a plastic drum, or 14 kg CO2 for IBC.

Benefit from our integrated process

Our vision and commitment to sustainable farming and near zero waste products drives Canam Fresh’s innovation team. One such innovative product is our new brining solution that’s low-salt, low-acid,100% recoverable, and eliminates sulfites.

Canam Fresh’s vertical integration is our secret sauce. With ample storage space, production and shipping facilities at transport hubs located near international borders, Canam Fresh is ready to serve your complex needs with one integrated solution.

We collaborate with your product development team to exact our containers to your specifications.

We balance optimized labour and logistics to deliver a reliable supply chain of products. Canam Fresh also successfully aligns food safety with fresh standards versus raw processing. And, every refrigerated shipment is tracked by GPS.

Our packaging innovation improves the taste and texture of Ready-To-Pak Bulk products. Most importantly, your product tastes the same in our Ready-To-Pak Bulk containers as your traditional jars.

Year-round coverage by ship, land, and rail

Our Ready-To-Pak Bulk containers are on the move 365 days a year thanks to our facilities in Canada, USA, and Mexico.

Our flagship facility in Aylmer, Ontario, is within 8-10 hours of major North American cities and manufacturing plants. From our Nogales plant in Arizona, located just inside the USA border, Canam Fresh leverages the area’s strategic access to optimal transit times anywhere in North America.

Our expansion in the Yucatan Peninsula increases our ability to grow, pick, pack, and ship Canam Fresh harvests from our west and east coast production facilities in Mexico.

Wholesome is always in season

Canam Fresh’s farms across Mexico provide significant logistical benefits for shipping Ready-To-Pak products from Progresso, Campeche in the Yucatan, to East Coast and Great Lake ports.

The stackable and recyclable Ready-To-Pak Bulk containers save our customers time, money, and worry! We give a huge boost to your brand!

Canam Fresh delivers fresh products to your facilities as quickly as possible. We also help our customers reduce their carbon footprint, heighten their corporate responsibility, and reach their sustainability goals.

Take advantage of our Ready-To-Pak Bulk program

What’s special about Canam Fresh’s Ready-To-Pak Bulk containers.

  • 4 x way entry integrated pallet (800 x 600 mm, FDA-BRC standard)
  • Main and round anti-levitation nets to keep product under brine by pressing of main lid under the rims
  • Side positioning of round lid allows easy access for samples and quality control
  • Traceable safety seals include three security points for all lids, four label places, one RFID tag, as well as options for logo and color personalization,
  • and counting or code embedded printing
  • Optional up-drained hole 2” threat with filter modification, allows brine to drain while product remains inside
  • Optional one-way gas value, removes fermentation gas (works in 0,3 psi)

For more information about how Ready-To-Pak Bulk can benefit your company, please contact